Our Staff

Courtney Rice portrait

Courtney Rice
Director, Inclusion and Community Impact
“The Giver (of nicknames)”

Courtney Rice, a conqueror of logistics and advocate for human services, is the Director, Inclusion and Community Impact. Her work supports resilience-building for children and families, community building and organizational development using an equity and inclusion lens. Preceding her current Robins role, she served as Director, Communications & Grants Administration, and Manager, Grants & Special Projects. Courtney has been with the Foundation since January 2014.

Prior to joining the Robins tribe, Courtney worked as a Contract Project & Logistics Manager for 501 Advisors, a foundation and nonprofit consultant group and a contract program officer for the Cameron Foundation, a health legacy foundation.

Her dedication to community service includes serving on nonprofit boards and volunteering with her church. Courtney serves as Secretary of SisterFund, a giving circle that supports nonprofits that broaden awareness and address issues affecting African-American women and girls in the Richmond region. In addition, Courtney chairs the Programs and Services Committee of Exponent Philanthropy, an association of funders dedicated to serving small-staffed philanthropists to leverage their resources and amplify their impact.

Courtney is an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and is a proud two-time alumna of Virginia State University and loves her three dogs: Chris, Max and Gizmo.


As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I LOVE animals. First, I wanted to be a marine biologist so I could swim with Shamu and work with Flipper. Then, I decided to be a vet in a wildlife refuge working with big cats… Finally, I settled on opening a zoo so that I could have access to ALL animals. Now, I have three dogs. With them, my house is the zoo I thought I always wanted.

What is your favorite thing/place/activity/meal in Richmond?
I feel like I have barely scratched the surface of all things Richmond. Right now, my favorite thing about this city/region is that there is so much to experience. I love having so many options with an accessible river, countless museums and theaters, and great places to eat!

What is your biggest fear or pet peeve?
If you ask my coworkers, they’d say bugs. Unfortunately, I become a damsel in distress when one comes around. The team has “saved my life” countless times.

What is your favorite cereal?

  • With milk: Honey Bunches of Oats with added honey
  • Without milk: Corn pops

Finally, what is the thing you love most about working at Robins?
The team. The cast of characters in our office makes every day an episode of adventure. The atmosphere is one that builds trust, puts an emphasis on family and makes the difficult work of changing our community for the better, enjoyable. I can’t imagine a better bunch of folks I’d want to spend time with while working to change the world. *(Insert Kelly tears here)