Our founders were innovative, creative hard-working folks. We celebrate their legacy when we welcome opportunities to work directly with organizations to think bigger and think differently. We love partnering with people and organizations with longer-term visions that will break through the status quo and lead to meaningful transformation across our community.

Why is innovation important?

We believe innovation is what will lead to transformative change when it comes to social issues facing the Richmond area. With that goal in mind, and to encourage new thinking and collaboration among Richmond Region nonprofits, we place a special emphasis on fresh perspectives to ongoing challenges through the Community Innovation Grant (CIG).

What does innovation require?

Aligning with peers and nonprofits around community issues, supporting impactful programs and services, promoting greater transparency, adaptability and enthusiasm in the funding landscape

Making multifaceted organization-building investments that cultivate and support an innovative culture as well as innovative solutions to community issues

Conducting and supporting activities that encourage education policy and expenditure shifts to support better futures for children throughout the Richmond region

Available Grant Opportunities


At Robins Foundation we connect our past with our future by highlighting the innovative and progressive characteristics of our founders. We know that our nonprofit partners have the expertise to create solutions to the most pressing challenges our region faces today.

Awarded annually the Lora M. and E. Claiborne Robins Community Innovation Grant (CIG) funds one proposal that applauds the imaginative, cooperative spirit of Greater Richmond. The award is designed to support a project that addresses unmet community needs or issues.

Proposals should demonstrate an innovative approach to solving the need, strategic collaboration and the potential for wider, long-term impact on the impacted audience.

The 2020 Lora M. and E. Claiborne Robins Community Innovation Grant application is now closed.

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