Our Approach - Solve and Serve Simultaneously

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As our community agrees on the way forward and what to measure, we will find innovative ways to continue making progressive and transformational improvements , in the policies and programmatic practices of education; as well as non-profit practices that affect children and families. Our commitment is from a deeper focus on education with the expectation that, a focus on a “consecutive process of education” or follow-up, it could lead to better results and reduce some of the challenges that plague this region. Being ready for school, being successful, and graduating from it. As well as advancing to secondary education, having a stable career, and achieving financial independence, they can ultimately address the other problems that affect the community, such as: poverty, unemployment, crime, affordable housing and food insecurity.

It may be that if educational needs are addressed holistically, an impact change could be seen, within a single generation. This would not only be at the individual level, but for the community in general: from preparation for working life, strengthening the tax base and a resistance to financial problems.

This is why we do what we do

We put most of our attention and support to a back-to-back process of education to strengthen this environment, and also welcome opportunities to work directly with organizations, to create their long-term visions that in turn break the status quo and lead to significant transformation. Our intent is to use the following perspectives in all of our philanthropic leadership and grantmaking activities:

  • Partnership: Aligning with colleagues and nonprofits around community issues, supporting impact programs and services, promoting greater transparency, adaptability and enthusiasm in the funding landscape.
  • Innovation: Make multi-faceted investments in developing organizations that cultivate and support an innovative culture, as well as innovative solutions to community problems.
  • Equity: Conduct and support activities that encourage educational policy and spending changes to support a better future for children throughout the Richmond region.

Let’s talk about the community.

Serving the community is not just about funding. It’s about time, energy, and ideas. Our staff welcomes the opportunity to align and strengthen our community by learning how to best support our non-profit partners and their activities and initiatives. We enjoy meeting with organizations and engaging in thoughtful dialogue that fosters innovation and drives transformation. We are available to answer your questions by email or phone; see our staff roster for contact information.


Originating from a legacy of compassion and empathy, the Robins Foundation seeks to continue to realize our founders’ vision of improving the quality of life and cultivating a better, stronger Richmond for all. Throughout the history of our organization, we have supported higher education, a passion shared by Ms. And Mr. Robins, as well as early childhood education, a passion of their children. The Organization’s council has agreed that each level in the consecutive education process is critical to long-term regional growth and success. Accordingly, funding has been modified to include a broader educational framework, as evolving community priorities require new approaches.

We want to partner with organizations that work to make the Richmond region the best place for children to learn, grow and prosper.

Potential grantees seeking funding throughout the back-to-back education process receive Community Focus funding once a year. Our timelines for Community Focus grants are listed below; Please choose the time that best suits your organization. Grant applications will be available one month before the submission deadline.

  • 2018 submission deadline: Friday, June 1 at 5 p.m. , for notification in September

The Foundation works to shape an environment in which each student can receive an excellent education and a solid foundation for college and / or a career. We will collaborate with neighborhoods, schools, nonprofits and partners to move our region to a point where all children are supported by a well-coordinated educational system.

The following are regional benchmarks that the Robins Foundation will adopt as a guide:

  • All children are ready for Kindergarten
  • By the end of 3rd grade, all children are reading at grade level.
  • All students have positive participation and attendance
  • By the end of 8th grade, all students are on grade level in literacy and math
  • All students graduate from high school ready for college or with an industrial technical credential


At the Robins Foundation we firmly believe that we must connect our past with our future and align it closely with the innovation and transformation with which our founders made themselves known throughout their lives. We also believe that our nonprofit friends have the answers to the most pressing challenges our children and families face today. Awarded annually by the Community Innovation Grant (CIG) Lora M. and E. Claiborne Robins funds a proposal that celebrates the imaginative and cooperative spirit of Greater Richmond. The award is designed to support a project that addresses community needs or problems that have yet to be met in emerging neighborhoods.

Las propuestas deben demostrar un enfoque innovador para resolver la necesidad, la colaboración estratégica y el potencial para un impacto más amplio y a largo plazo en la audiencia afectada.


Cuando una organización está lista para una “inmersión profunda” especializada en la planificación empresarial y el cambio organizacional, los fondos de la Fundación Robins brindan apoyo anual para el crecimiento organizacional en áreas críticas de operaciones tales como: gobernabilidad, administración, finanzas, recaudación de fondos/ desarrollo (construcción de relaciones) y programa.

Creemos que, para tener éxito, las organizaciones sin fines de lucro deben ser miembros activos de una fuerte comunidad de líderes. Utilizaremos varias herramientas para apoyar el desarrollo de liderazgo, la colaboración y el fortalecimiento de los recursos “desde adentro hacia afuera” de una organización.


Cada miembro de nuestro Consejo de Administración tiene la oportunidad de patrocinar un número limitado de subvenciones para organizaciones que se consideran merecedoras del apoyo. Estas recomendaciones son hechas estrictamente a discreción de los miembros individuales de la Junta. Las organizaciones no pueden solicitar estos fondos a miembros de la Junta.

* Las subvenciones de la Fundación Robins intentan mejorar la vida de los residentes dentro de la ciudad de Richmond y los condados circundantes: Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover y Henrico. No hacemos subvenciones para:

  • Organizaciones que no sean 501 (c) (3) sin fines de lucro
  • Individuos, iglesias de fundaciones privadas o programas religiosos, organizaciones fraternales, sociales o laborales
  • Partidos políticos, candidatos o actividades de cabildo • Fondos de viaje para giras, exposiciones o viajes de individuos o grupos de interés especial
  • Programas o equipos atléticos / deportivos locales, beneficiarios publicitarios de cortesía, boletos para rifa y otros eventos de recaudación de fondos o eventos especiales
  • Becas, becas o patrocinadores para una causa particular
  • Entidades con fines de lucro

De acuerdo con nuestras prioridades de concesión de subvenciones, generalmente no financiamos:

  • Escuelas privadas
  • Organizaciones nacionales de salud con un enfoque en la enfermedad individual
  • Proyectos fuera de nuestro alcance geográfico *

Si no está seguro de si debe o no presentar una solicitud, no dude en ponerse en contacto con el personal de la Fundación Robins.

* La Fundación Robins brinda apoyo financiero a las organizaciones que atienden las necesidades de los jóvenes dentro de Tri-Cities cuando se suma al área de Greater Richmond. La Fundación rara vez proporciona apoyo financiero a las organizaciones con servicios que se centran únicamente / en gran medida en las Tri-Cities.

Our Funding Drivers
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Partnering with nonprofits, peers, and community leaders to achieve measurable results.

Learn of our ongoing relationship with a local community support center

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Leveraging innovative programs to drive policy and action to benefit the entire region.

Learn how we supported a state-wide STEM initiative


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Welcoming and empowering all voices to create an environment of fairness and opportunity for everyone to thrive.

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